Suzuki problems

Suzuki may have problems with their vehicles, although we are pleased to say they are few and far between. However, when there are new recalls and official updates, you can find them on this page. This Japanese company does not have as big of a presence in the UK as let’s say Ford, but they are still a respected brand, although more so for their two-wheeled vehicles.

Suzuki problems and possible solutions

On occasions there are Suzuki recalls due to certain problems, such as the most recent Celerio with its brake issues. Thankfully, the company was quick to react and stopped selling them the day after sales had started for this new model.

If you do have a problem with your Suzuki car you would like to share, then please do so in the comments section below. We will also keep you up-to-date with recall news as it comes in, but like we said, that does not happen too often. Having said that, we know you may have a niggling problem with your vehicle, and if you share it with our readers, one of them may even be able to solve it for you.

Suzuki UK issues up to October 2017

You will find Suzuki car recalls insight in 2017 below, thanks to owner reports.

Problems with Suzuki? Share with Car Recalls UK readers:

  • Rudi

    Having just rebuilt the engine on my 2002 xl7 for some reason the engine will not start. All the lights come up on the dash, the battery is fully charged and I can hear the computer module clicking, so what on earth can it be?

  • Baz

    The infection warning light on my Grand Vitara 2006 keeps coming on, although this only happens when the engine is cold.

  • Ian

    I have currently had a 2004 Swift 1.6, and for some reason there is an issue with its temperature sensor, as it currently reads -40, which is wrong. I got the sensor changed, yet the reading has stayed the same.

  • Mark

    For some reason the gearstick moves on my Suzuki Mehran EFI when in first gear and standing still, and also moves slightly when I pull off. However, the rest of the gears are fine, as this does not happen in 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th.

  • Adam

    My 2006 Suzuki Vitara seems to have an issue starting. I have checked the fuel lines, the pump and most other things I can think of, but still no joy.

  • Sarah

    When I try to accelerate over 60 mph in my 2013 Alto, the car just jolts back and fourth.

  • Eric

    I know my Suzuki Liana is getting on a bit now, but it should not keep cutting out. I’ve heard it could be a faulty crank angle sensor, but is this easy to replace?

  • Don

    My 2008 Suzuki Forenza seems to be lacking power, could this be due to a faulty throttle actuator, or something else?

  • Amy

    I currently have a 2011 Suzuki Swift and over the past month or so the battery is unable to hold a charge. Now could this be an issue with the battery itself or the alternator?

  • Hayley

    For some reason I keep getting the error code P0456 on my 2007 SUZUKI GRAND VITARA.

  • Greg

    Every now and then the fuel gauge on my Jitney plays up, could it be faulty fuel sensor connectors?

  • Ben

    Do you find that your vision is restricted by the poor placement of the front pillar and the size of the rear pillars on the 2006 Suzuki Swift?

  • Colin

    My 2014 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross SUV has now been in twice to have its 2nd-gear syncro replaced, yet the problems persists. Do you think Suzuki should now replace the entire gearbox?

  • Carly

    I have a 2014 Suzuki Alto and for some reason it is very slow to pick up speed; is this normal?

  • Tara

    The turbo on my 2008 Suzuki Grand Vitara has blown and the dealer has quoted me a shocking price. Would it be ok to go for garage other than a dealer?

  • Siobhan

    For some reason I have a hard time getting the correct tyre for my 2012 Suzuki Swift, even the dealer struggles.

  • Jake

    The heater only blows around half the time on my Grand Vitaraand is unable to clear frost from the car either.

  • Derek

    My 2002 Suzuki Jimny 1.3 16v is revving too high, well around 2,000rpm once warm to be precise. All connections and vacuum hoses have been checked, so what am I missing?

  • Calvin

    What would cause a burning smell from the heater of my 2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara?

  • Nick

    For some reason my local dealers has issues trying to get parts in for my Suzuki Swift SZ4, is this a common issue with vehicles like these?

  • Oliver

    The engine working light has come on my 2007 Suzuki Swift, and have since learned that the crankshaft sensor failed. Had to pay a small fortune as it was just out of its 3 year warranty, which was a real pain.

  • Nelly

    When trying to to get into 1st gear in my 1999 Suzuki Jimny I have issues, as do I in 5th as well. What could be causing this issue?

  • Jane

    Is it right that a Gran Vitara clutch should fail, even though it is just five years old? I thought that cars were built far better than that these days.

  • Steve

    My 2001 Suzuki Jimny no longer drives as well as it used to, as it is slow to pull away, and also jerks when it does so.

  • Daisy

    I have a 2008 Suzuki Swift and for ages had an issue with starting. Took it to the dealer, where they said they tightened something up, yet would not say what it was, which was very strange. Whatever they did it work, just wish I knew what it was they did.

  • Janice

    While doing 60 miles per hour on the motorway, i try to increase the speed to 70 miles per hour, but my Suzuki Swift struggles and begins to jump.

  • Shirley

    There is a strange creaking sound on my Suzuki Liana, which I presume is either coming from the wheel or steering. The strange thing is, it sounds a whole lot louder when I open the driver’s side window. So I know it is coming from the right-hand side and from the direction near the wheel.

  • Abigail

    This is now the third alternator belt my 2007 Suzuki Jimny has gone through. There is nothing wring with the alternator itself, so I am at a loss as to what the case could be.

  • Denise

    My1999 Suzuki Wagon-R+ has developed an annoying squeak. The noise seems to be coming from the rear, let-side wheel area. Does anyone have any clues as to what could be the cause, as I am pulling my hair out.

  • Amy

    I’m starting to lose it with my Suzuki Vitara, because the vehicle no longer ticks over as it once did. Now it runs at around 500 revs, which is far too low and so often sounds as though the engine wants to cut out. However, there are times when I am driving and when I come to a stop because the revs are so low it will stall. This is not only dangerous, but embarrassing as well.

    I have no idea what could be causing such a thing, although I very much hope that it is an easy fix, so please can someone offer me advice.

  • Jezza

    Cannot believe my Suzuki Jimny will not start. The annoying this is, this just happened with no warning whatsoever. It turns over, but just will not kick in. Does anyone have any ideas?

  • Sarah

    Yet another issue with a Suzuki Jimny, but this time with an engine. When the vehicle is cold it runs just fine, but once warm it begins to misfire and sounds very rough. There are no faults showing up on a diagnostic machine, so i am a bit of a loss.

  • Lewis

    What could cause the brakes on my Suzuki Swift to make a funny grinding noise, but not all the time? The discs and pads have been replaced at the front, but just a few months after there was a horrible grinding noise. Do you think I could have a faulty set, or could dirt have got in their and scored the new discs?

  • Paul

    Why is it that my 2003 Suzuki Vitara 1.6 GV runs very lumpy when driving at slow speeds, yet is fine once I start to pick up speed? I have cleaned all the filters, changed the plugs, and also found no faults when connected too a diagnostic machine. This is truly a baffling one.

  • Ethan

    The airbag light on 2007 Suzuki Vitara is staying on. I have used the diagnostic machine and it gave me an error code of b213, all I now need to find out is what they means.

  • Karen

    I’ve only done around 25,000 miles in my Suzuki Celerio, and now there is a horrible vibration coming from the engine. it’s only there when I start the engine, and it is so much the entire car shakes. However, this goes away once I start to drive, or rev the car to over 1,000rpm.

  • Alan

    The heater in my Suzuki Liana has stopped working, and now the car has also started to overheat. I am now worried that it could be the thermostat or even the head-gasket, but which of the two is most likely?

  • Danny

    I had assumed that the 4WD system on my Suzuki Jimny had been working fine, but it was only when I went to use it in the snow that I found this not to be the case. From the feeling I get when I drive, the power only seems to be going to the rear offside wheel, and this does not matter what position the 4WD selector is in.

  • Jennifer

    I’m starting to get truly annoyed with the noisy ticking /tappet noises from the engine in my Suzuki SX4. I have made certain that the oil was changed, and also went for a good quality one, but it;s still making that horrible noise. Does anyone know what on earth it could be?

  • Paul

    Apart from the recall of the Celario over a problem with the brakes soon after launch, is there currently a known problem with the bolts holding the steel wheels? Would be grateful if anyone know. Thanks.

  • Luke

    Hi, I have a 2001 Grand Vitara 2.0L Petrol and am having some issues with it that I would appreciate any knowledge on. It is very jerky when pulling off and driving at speeds up to and over 30mph, the engine management light is on and it is very smokey. It also cuts out quite often when idle at lights or when coming to slow down and the rev counter drops. When idling it is jumping up and down on the rev counter. I have a feeling the car has had its day such a shame as has only done 90,000 miles. Any help would be appreciated highly.


  • James Keedwell

    Hello all,
    I have a 12 plate swift, and today i was driving on the motorway and started going around a bend(Left) and all i could hear was beeping, I had a full tank of petrol so that wasnt the problem.
    so as soon as I came off the the motorway, I turned off (left) and the beeping started getting louder. As soon as i straighten up the beeping stopped. the beeping only occurs where i turn left. can you help please?

  • zack

    more than likely it is not either it could be your water pump is going out maybe try backflushing your radiator

  • zack

    if you know how to check the idle control valve that could be the issue. gunk gets built up so it is a common problem that will cause the car to stall at stops

  • zack

    my 2000 Suzuki Vitara is squeeling a light but high pitch noise exelerating and drivng anywhere above 5 mph and persists till I stop what cild this be, its on the right side noise persists when passenger window is rolled down but louder than usual

  • Grant Jenkins

    Has anyone had issues with a Suzuki celerio clutch my wife has only done 9000 miles and it’s really high ..Suzuki garage in tonbridge wells saying it might be wife’s issue and if they take it apart and can’t find anything wrong then that will be 650 pounds please !!!! Surely even if my wife did ride the clutch even though she doesn’t can’t see the clutch going even at 9000 miles not as if she sits any any traffic like in London !!!! Not a happy man

  • Andrew Farrow

    Hi I have a 2015 Suzuki Celerio with 10800 on the clock and I have started to experience clutch judder in 1st when pulling away, I traded a Suzuki Alto in which is basically the same engine and gearbox and had no trouble in over 20,000 miles the only difference I noticed between the two was that the clutch had been adjusted so the bite point was higher on the Celerio, the other problem I have had is the auto start has let me down twice so far meaning I had to turn the ignition off and restart on the key-had a word with the dealer and they are going to replace the proximity switches on the next service

  • elle ward

    same here spent money on new cat system, £279 new engine seal as bit of oil leak??? labour and parts £170 no sensor showing management light so had a new one fitted £170. still doing same thing after an hour drive and engine warm it rocks and shudders like an old tractor and looses power. after half hour cool down again runs like a dream I am at a loss too

  • Bekki

    Hey, I have a Suzuki swift 1.5 GLX 58 plate. When I come to a stand still at lights or if I’m in traffic, or even if I’m just sat with my engine on it sometimes cuts out on itself and when I turn it back on it cuts out again?

    Also when I have my foot on the brake it makes a rattleing noise and they are still grinding after a month or 2 of changing them . Is anybody else’s like this?

    What’s the problem?

  • Kristian Reader

    Hello I have the same problem with my engine in same model of car, have you found a solution to yours yet?

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