Toyota Avensis in new recall for replacement roof glass

Toyota is recalling just 42 of their Avensis models due to an issue with their roof window glass. The models affected were built between 19/08/2013 and 21/12/2013, which are very low numbers considering the 4-month production run.

Toyota Avensis in new recall

The launch date for this new Toyota Avensis recall is from September 8th, and we highly doubt that it will take too long for the issue to be resolved.

Going back to the problem, and it is due to a poorly fitted roof window glass. If it has been fitted incorrectly, then the glass could separate itself from the frame, which could lead to wind noise.

However, there is even a risk that the glass could detach itself from the frame, which then becomes a very serious safety issue. The reference number for this recall is R/2015/166, and the manufacturers reference is BCG40.

More details can be found here, but if you have any other concerns about any other Toyota model, then you can share them with the community now.