Toyota problems

It was Kiichiro Toyoda that founded the Toyota Motor Corporation back in 1937, although the company in another form owned by his father had already been making car engines before that. Now move ahead to present day and Toyota is a massive Corporation that employees almost 340,000 people and is said to be the 12th largest company in the world by revenue.

Toyota problems

While the company is very successful, this does come at a price, and we have seen a lot of evidence of that over the years. Yes, production numbers for its vehicles are rather high, but so have its recalls over the past five years.

There was that huge Toyota brake recall back in 2012 and also the ongoing airbag issues in 2014 and 2015, and from what we have seen more models are being added.

These issues will not affect many of you, but we do know there are a multitude of Toyota problems, such as problems with the electrics, engine, interior and so much more. If you do have an issue you would like to share, then please do so in the comments section below.

Toyota UK issues up to October 2017

You will find Toyota car recalls insight in 2017 below, thanks to owner reports.

Problems with Toyota? Share with Car Recalls UK readers:

  • Mel

    I’ve heard that Toyota is recalling a huge number of vehicles due to power steering and software issues, but will this effect any of us in the UK?

  • Alison

    For some strange reason the door lock on my Toyota Highlander. I first assumed that the doors were not locking, but upon closer inspection, they were, it’s just the lights stopped flashing and the car has stopped beeping to let me know they have locked.

  • Shawn

    I have a ’05 Sienna and when I try to turn it over nothing happens. However, when I did finally manage to get her to start it idled at 500rpm, and when I gave it some more throttle, the car just died on me. What could be the case of this?

  • Jane

    My 2013 Land Cruiser has developed a strange problem with its headlights, as when I drive along they shake, which makes driving at night a very tough thing to concentrate on. Is this a common fault, or I have just got a donkey?

  • Chris

    I had issues with my 1997 Toyota Auris not starting, and was told it was the ignition barrel. However, I have replaced that part, yet the car will still not start. The battery is fully charged, so I have a feeling it might be the anti theft/ immobiliser. Does anyone else have any ideas?

  • Tracey

    My 2011 Toyota Yaris will not start unless I have the throttle pedal flat to the floor; even then it takes around 10seconds for the engine to kick in. Why is this happening?

  • Janice

    My 2003 Toyota Corolla has developed a misfire. I have changed the plugs, as this is the cheapest option, but it is still happening, what is my next step?

  • July

    I have a 1996 Toyota Starlet and for some reason it jerks very badly. The vehicle starts fine, but after driving for a bit it begins to jerk, which makes it very difficult to drive.

  • Dave

    The tick over on my 2004 Toyota Verso is very lumpy, although while driving it goes like a dream. There are times when the tick over goes from 1,000rpm to 500rpm, and so almost stalls. The vehicle has been serviced on a regular basis and has not been over used.

  • Suzie

    I’m confused as to why my central locking has stopped working on my Toyota Hilux. It will not work with the key, but once inside my car it will work when I press the door locks down. It’s only when I use the key fob, and yes I have changed the battery.

  • Will

    My Toyota Yaris refused to start, and so the first thing I did was to charge the battery, and still nothing. I then replaced it with a new one, and still the car will not start. I then replaced the alternator, along with the leads, but the car still will not start. I have now drawn a blank, but did wonder if it could now be an issue with the immobiliser?

  • Jenny

    When I use the built-in Sat-nav in my 2012 Toyota Yaris during the day the device works perfectly fine. However, the moment it gets slightly dark and I turn the lights on, the screen on the Sat-nav goes much dimmer. I have looked over all the settings, but just cannot seem to stop this from happening. Has anyone else had this same issue?

  • Shirley-ann

    I have heard that I can upgrade the sat-nav on my Toyota Yaris myself via its USB port. However, I have been unable to find its location, and so wondered if anyone could tell be where I can find it on my car please. The model year is 2012.

  • Karl

    I know the Toyota Hilux is portrayed as this kind of vehicle that is one of the toughest out there, but that is not to say they do not have their issues. However, since I had an oil change there are now times when white smoke spews from the exhaust. I have made certain the engine was not over filled with oil, and that part is fine, so why does white smoke come out from time to time?

  • June

    The timing belt recently went on my Toyota Avensis, and so had it changed. However, since then when I rev the engine a little I can see a huge amount of black smoke coming from the exhaust. Do yo think this is a coincidence or are the two connected in some way?

  • Jeff

    The overdrive on my 1993 Toyota Hilux 2’2 auto no longer works. There used to be a light on the dash to say it was off, yet this no longer works either – what could it be?

  • Doreen

    I have fitted a new battery on my 2009 Toyota Yaris, yet it still refuses to start. I know that petrol is getting to the pump, and into the engine, but it just will not kick in – yes it does turn over. I am now starting to think if it could bedgown to the immobiliser?

  • Joanne

    I’m trying to upgrade the Sat-nav in my Toyota Yaris, which I am told can be done by installing the software onto a USB, and then installing it into the system. The one issue I have is not being able to locate the USB port in the car.

  • Daz

    The engine management light has started to flash on my Toyota Yaris and the engine now misses but only slighty.

  • Becky

    It’s just a quick question rather than a problem. I was wondering if I could replace the gearbox from a 1.6 vvdi, even though mine is a 1.8? The reason I ask this is because I have a friend who has this gearbox going very cheap.

  • Garry

    Please help, the heater on my Toyota Celica will only blow out cold air. I just do not know what to do.

  • Jerry

    I have a 2004 Toyota Corolla and have looked everywhere in the car to dim the interior lights, as they are far too bright for my eyes. I am certain there is one, so if anyone knows where it is located it would help a great deal.

  • Tom

    I have replaced the timing belt on my Toyota Avensis, as it has snapped. However, the engine now has very little revs and there is also black smoke coming from the exhaust – I now fear the worst.

  • Fern

    There has been an annoying knocking noise coming from my Nissan Yaris when driving over bumps in the road, along with a squeaking noise as well.

    I have since taken the car to several garages, and they have been unable to find an issue, but there is clearly something wrong.

  • Harry

    Why is it that my 2009 Toyota Avensis has a horrible whistle effect noise when accelerating. it does not do it while the engine is idling.

  • HOME

    My Toyota Verso trend 2012 plated 2015 has a problem with the dash reading miles done drove somewhere this morning and only went up one mile drove the same route back and clocked 4 Miles explain that to me The RAC think it something to do with the software.

  • John

    Not a very good time for Toyota Proace owners at the moment, as some of them have been dogged with issues, such as, a wheel may detach, various electrical malfunctions, front shock absorber may fail, fuel may leak if vehicle rolls over, loss of braking assistance, steering bolts may not be tightened correctly, unexpected airbag deployment and so much more.

  • Terry

    How unlucky am I, just found out my 2016 Toyota Mirai is affected by a new recall to do with its electric fuel cell system that can stop running – and there are only 28 cars affected by this.

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