Vauxhall Adam and Corsa recalls doesn’t dent sales

It was back in September of last year that Vauxhall had to issue a recall notice for around 3,000 cars due to a potential problem with their steering. The models in question were the Adam, Corsa and Corsavan that were registered since May 2014.

Vauxhall Adam and Corsa recalls doesn't dent sales

Vauxhall had found that the steering system part did not meet specification during a routine check at two of their manufacturing plants, one in Germany and the other in Spain. Thankfully, a recall was swiftly announced and has now been completed.

There were no reports of injuries and one can only assume because of the low number of overall recalls in 2014 and Vauxhall’s swift action in this case were reasons why sales were not dented.

The UK car manufacturer found that its sales and market share rose, something that has happened for the past two years now. The same cannot be said for its parent company, as its sales dropped by 6.3 per cent overall. Do you have a problem with your Vauxhall and have been unable to find out what the case is, then please share those issues here.