Vauxhall problems

Vauxhall Motors has been around since the 1800s, although never got into the car business until 1903. They never had the backing from the big US car companies back in the day, and so you have to admire just how far the company came. However, they now have the backing of General Motors, although they do not dictate to them just how to manufacture their vehicles, which is one of the reasons why recalls are kept at such a low level.

Vauxhall problems

Ok, so we know there are always problems from time to time with Vauxhall cars, but not on the scale you see with the likes of Honda and Toyota. That’s not saying your model does not have its faults, and so we are sure you would want to let us know about them.

It does not matter how big or small your Vauxhall problem is, we just ask that you leave a comment below and share with us what issues you are having. We have owned one or two models from the Vauxhall range in the past, and we know some of them can be rather temperamental.

Vauxhall UK issues up to October 2017

You will find Vauxhall car recalls insight in 2017 below, thanks to owner reports.

Problems with Vauxhall? Share with Car Recalls UK readers:

  • Rachel

    From time to time when I get into my Adam the radio comes on, but nothing is lit up.

  • Shuan

    I had replaced the differential seal on my Vauxhall Insignia, and it has gone once again. I’m sure I read somewhere this is a common issue, is this correct?

  • Peter

    My Corsa 1.4 seems to have developed a flat spot, what could be the cause?

  • Barry

    My Vauxhall Astra Z17DTH has problems starting, which first happened after seeing a fault light on the dash showing a car with spanner.

  • Gavin

    The clutch on my 2008 Astra 1.9cdti 150 whistles when I put my foot down and when I press the clutch pedal I then hear a chug chug chug noise. What on earth could this be?

  • Sid

    The turbo has gone on my Vectra CDTI; could I get away with replacing the CHRA on the turbo or should I get a re-conditioned one?

  • Sharon

    Why is it that the air con takes so long to clear the front screen in my VAUXHALL ADAM?

  • Sarah

    I’m uncertain as to whether my 2008 Astra has a timing belt or chain, could you please let me know?

  • Des

    Every now and then my 2007 1.8 Astra will not engage gear when the clutch is pressed, I have to depress it and try again before i’m able to change gear.

  • James

    Fo some reason the engine keeps cutting out on my 1997 Vauxhall Vectra, more so when I begin to slow down.

  • Gavin

    One of the brake lights on my Vauxhall Combo is no longer working. I have checked the fuse and the bulk, both of which are fine.

  • Cliff

    I have a Vauxhall 51 plate Astra 1.6i and for some reason it seems sluggish to get going. I adjusted the clutch and all was fine, now the issue has returned.

  • Dale

    The car that I have an issue with is a 2006 Zafira B (Mk II) 1.6 petrol Life, and the problem itself is with its heater. When i select it to blow on any setting it all works fine, but only when windscreen is selected. However, select to have the heater blowing anywhere else and it just keeps blowing from the windscreen.

  • Jenny

    The fuel cap lock has seized on my 2006 Vauxhall Zafira, is this a common problem, and can it be repaired or does it mean a new cap?

  • Clive

    For some reason the bulbs keep blowing on my 1997 Vauxhall Vectra. What on earth could be causing this?

  • Grace

    The parcel shelf on my 2009 Vauxhall Insignia has an annoying rattle, is this a common issue?

  • Percy

    My Vauxhall Vivaro is struggling to start, it turns over, but will just not fire.

  • Christine

    How come my 2014 Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 model needs a huge amount of revs to overtake or tackle hills?

  • Lenny

    I have a 2014 Vauxhall Corsa 2.0 CDTi Limited Edition and I am unhappy with the quality of the carpet, as it keeps lifting up. This is something you do not expect from such a car in this day and age.

  • Gary

    The boot on my 2010 Vauxhall Insignia no longer opens, is this a known fault.

  • Cliff

    My 2003 Vauxhall Vectra 1.8 has developed an issue with its clutch, as the bite point is now much higher than it was, and almost to the point where it may no longer work. What on earth could cause this?

  • Terry

    When I left my 2008 Vauxhall Vectra overnight all was fine, but the following morning the bite point on the clutch seemed to be far higher, and as such will not fully engage.

  • Brenda

    Ok, so I know my Astra is 10 years old now, but it is only getting around half the MPG figure it should get when new. Is there anything I can do to improve on this?

  • Janice

    Every now and then my 2006 Corsa has a flat spot, but only when I go to pull away quick. Mine is an automatic, and once it hits that flat spot the car is fine once again. This happens to me only about twice a week, so what on earth could it be?

  • Graham

    The spanner light on my Meriva keeps coming on, with three dings. Is this a reminder to get a service, or is there a potential problem that needs looking at?

  • Alex

    How come the reversing light on my 2001 Insignia is permanently on, even when the engine is not running?

  • Laura

    Is the Vauxhall Meriva more prone to stone chips on its windscreen? I say this because my windscreen has now been hit four times, and each time it has needed to be replaced?

  • Dolly

    The other day I just touched my brake pedal to start slowing down my 2006 Vauxhall Tigra and the oil light flickered on and off. After driving for less than a mile the engine then decided it had had enough and cut out. All the light son the dash still come on, it’s just the engine now refuses to kick in.

  • Jerry

    The reverse gear on my 2007 Vauxhall Vectra no longer works. There was no warning, such as becoming harder to get into gear, it just deiced it did not want to play ball one day. Do you think this is a simple issue that something has become loose in the gearbox, or am I looking at an expensive bill?

  • Lou

    My Vauxhall Cavalier has suffered from a great deal of condensation when the weather is cold for a while now. This is even worse after I have used the heater and then left the car for a while. I have checked all arises where moisture can get in and all is fine, so what on earth can be causing it?

  • Elvin

    I love my 2008 Vauxhall Vectra, but I am now worried I have a huge bill ahead dod me, as she has started to overheat and the water is boiling over. I don;t think I have heard the fan coming on either, which I now hope is the case, although I have checked their fuses and they are fine.

  • Brian

    The cooling fan on my 2000 Vauxhall Tigra is staying on most of the time, and not only is very loud but is causing issues with the engine temperature. I have checked the connections and al seem to be fine, so do any of you have ideas as to what it could be?

  • Jackie

    When my Vauxhall Zafira is at idle there is a strange, high-pitched whirring noise coming from the engine bay. The noise will often stop when I press the accelerator, but not all of time. Any ideas very welcome.

  • Donna

    One day while driving my 2005 Vauxhall Astra there was a sudden loss of electric power. It was as though the battery had been disconnected. I have checked that power is still getting to the battery, which it is, and all the fuses are ok, and so am at a loss. Does anyone know what could be the cause?

  • Graham

    I keep getting the warning light appear on the dash of my Vauxhall Meriva, that tells me there is too much build up in the filter. This is the diesel version, and the warning light only goes out if I give the vehicle a blast down the motorway. Surely Vauxhall has not made a car that does not like city roads, as this would be silly.

  • Cliff

    How come the instrument panel on my 2006 Vauxhall Signum is dead. I have checked the fuse, and that is fine, so am now worried about something more serious.

  • Shirley

    It’s just a quick question really; I just wondered of my 2005 Vauxhall has DPF?

  • Steph

    I am at a loss as to why both headlights have stopped working on my Vauxhall Meriva. I do not know much about cars, but was able to check the fuse, and that is ok. It is worth mentioning that the sidelights and high-beam still work.

  • Jason

    My 2001 Vauxhall Corsa starts and will run for several seconds, but then stop running. I have also noticed that the fuel gauge no longer works, yet I know there is plenty of fuel in the tank, and so wondered if the two could be related?

  • Philip hiatt

    Have just had my car back after it was recalled has come back with exhaust emotion light on the dash and wipers stopping intermittently garage says it has nothing to do with them but heater motor had burnt out wiring under dash board could these problems been caused by this

  • Jacob

    The steering light on my Vauxhall Signum dashboard has come on, and since then the steering has been very heavy to control. I later found it to be the steering pump and so replaced it, yet around 4 months later the same thing happened. Does this mean that something else is causing the pump to fail, or just a coincidence?

  • Gordon

    Two issues, water leaks which can’t be found, possibly cap? And today, blower continually blowing on my feet, 2009 insignia 1:8, petrol

  • Dean Stewart Fenwick

    I have a 2016 Astra Sri and when I fill up my fuel it clicks too say it’s full but my fuel gauge says it’s only 3 quarters full. But I’ve been told it’s a problem with other cars and I’m waiting on a fix. On top of that when I got my car there was a burning smell when the car was warming up, this was my exhaust that was rusted which was replaced and the problem seems too be fixed with that. So waiting on a recall for the bad readings.

  • Dougie C

    I have an astra 1.4l life 09 plate and recently have noticed the carpet in the rear foot well drivers side is saturated. Car has passed mot test so no issues with holes in the floor. Can anyone help?

  • Jim Greechan

    i have the same problem with my new shape astra i fill up at petrol station .the pump clicks to tell me its full leave petrol staion travel half mile to prestwick and moves off full on petrol guage.phoned vaux and they had not herd of it.logged it and phoned my dealer who said they have had no problems this i now is a lie.

  • Dean Stewart Fenwick

    My Vauxhall dealer told me their waiting on a recall. I’ve had the recall list checked but there was no recall on my model. So hopefully this will get sorted soon.

  • Paul W

    Hi I recently purchased an Astra 1.6 Turbo Sri (J) and when I’m changing gears or accelerating it makes a whirring noise, it isn’t loud or annoying but I just want to make sure this is normal as I haven’t ever driven a Petrol Turbo engine before.

  • Jinky70

    Hi Dean got my software on Fri and touch wood it works

  • Dean Stewart Fenwick

    Did Vauxhall get in touch with you for this update?

  • Tony P

    Hi I have just bought a 62 plate Astra SRi 1.6 automatic with 10k miles on the clock. The ‘service vehicle soon’ light/message has just started to appear along with the cooling fan constantly running even when the engine is cold. Anyone experienced this before please. I know there was a problem with the 2010 Astra J.

  • Paul Horne

    It can be the speed of the fuel being delivered causing it to build up before draining down to the tank properly. Try lightly pressing the handle on the hose towards the end of your fill up.

    It can happen on any vehicle.

  • keith lonsdale

    hi i have a three month old mokka 1.6 diesel , the turbo blew sending plumbs of smoke from the exhaust pipe , as the sump oil was boiled away in seconds , we were towing a caravan at the time and thankfully nobody hurt , this happened on sunday on the A55 anglesey , luck for us the vauxhall AA rescue scheme worked better than the car and we were brought home . vauxhall told us that this is a common proplem with a batch of turbos , so why have these not been recalled before somebody gets hurt ..

  • Stewart Tuck

    Hi we recently had the same problem on our 10 plate 1.6 astra j after taking it back to evans halshaw to get it checked out they couldnt find any faults with it until we took it again for the 4th time we were then told thaft the thermostat housing was faulty, we got the work done and as a extra measure we also replaced the thermostat hope this helps

  • Tony P

    Thanks for your replies. I took it back to Evans Halshaw who diagnosed it was the thermostat switch.

  • lee rochester

    I have a zafira 1.9cdti and now and again I have a smoke come from the exhaust whilst driving in 4th gear just before the turbo kicks in

  • Angie S

    I have just brought a 65 plate astra 1.4 Sri and have noticed when you put your foot down to speed up it is really slow ,especially when going up hill,it seems to be under powered and sluggish.Does any one else have this problem

  • Sean F

    Hi Paul,
    I own a 1.4 turbo & had same issue. If you have a 6 speed box, it is the gearbox bearings, very expensive repair. Sorry

  • Sonny Lloyd

    I have a 65 plate 1.6 astra and I’m having the same issues

  • Natasha

    Horn kept failing to work and now doesn’t work at aill and oil light comes on and off.

  • Susan

    I Have a vauxhall Astra the horn stopped working, the vauxhall garage in Bedford middlesex have put a new board in under a recall for this problem.
    But now every time I turn the steering wheel it makes a noise, went back to the garage and because vauxhall put the new board in under a RECALL they will not put the car right because if there do any work to your car on a recall you do not have ANY WARRANTY ON THE PART.


  • Kelly

    It’s one Vauxhall Meriva problem after another. Having just had my model taken back to the dealer as part of the latest recall, the indicators will now not turn off. Even when the engine is off they stay on, and after so long it drains the battery. What could be the cause of this problem?

  • Lynn

    Hi Kelly, when was your car recalled, mine went in flames, there trieing to say arson, no chance

  • john h

    1 have a 2016 1.6 energy it has exactly the same problem as mentioned – I took it to the dealer who said there was nothing wrong – either they are trying to pull a fast one or the car is not fit for purpose

  • Andrew Shields

    2009 vauxhall astra club 16 engine management light on. New sprk plugs in and new coil pack .can you help please

  • Driss

    I have 2009 insignia. The high been kepts on even when the engine is off

  • Sheena

    Hope some one can help, my corsa 55 plate 1.4sri twin port drove fine Friday evening, partner went to drive it Saturday morning no throttle, the spanner light came on. He reset the light from the car now car will not start. Have tried disconnecting the battery but still nothing :(

  • Nicola Bless

    I have a vauxhall corsa 2007 plate. Everytime i drive it its like the gas pedal chips out. Id be pressing it and noting seems to happen the car slows down. Was told the timing chain needs changing. Could this be the problem. Cost over 300pound to get it sorted.

  • Fraggle Rock

    If that’s a full timing chain kit, £300 is a good price. I’d say if the chain had jumped a tooth it would tick over & run very rough.

  • Nicola Bless

    Yes it wAs one of the problem got it sorted out now thanks. Found a new problem the throttle body needs changing to stop the hotrible engine noise

  • Stuart Roberts

    I have a vauxhall astra 1.4 club 05 plate. to day when half way through my journey I had put my foot on the brakes to slow down and they did not seem to work right it was if they were just touching the disks but not slowing me down in good time. before this they were fine and after they were ok also why would this happen to suddenly have no brakes

  • Luke Wallace

    I have a 1.6 Astra design and when I start the car up it ticks over fine but as soon as i put the heater blower on it drops from 1000 revs down to about 500 intermittently like almost cuts out and that’s when I put the fan on setting 1 yet as soon as I turn the fan off it’s fine again? Any ideas? I’ve been told spark plugs

  • Thila Inez

    Hi brought a Vauxhall corsa limited edition black 65 plate October last year, I’ve had a few problems with it since.

    1. Handbreak, when parked on a hill and the car is in neutral stand still, it will start to roll back/forward. Only helps if I put into gear when parked.

    2. Windows and wing mirror buttons stopped working for no reason

    3. X2 faults with the harness wiring front and back that’s been recalled and fixed

    4. The steering wheel stiffened for no reason (checked power steering fluid, was full), when checked nothing wrong?

    5. Doesn’t pull very good uphill in 1st and 2nd gear

    6. Left front wheel popped when doing 30mph then pressure system stopped working and gave me faulty readings

    All this happened and still happening and nothing wrong with car??

    Can someone help me on what to say to the garage about trading in?

  • Luke Wallace

    Can someone please help! have a 1.6 Astra design and when I start the car up it ticks over fine but as soon as i put the heater blower on it drops from 1000 revs down to about 500 intermittently like almost cuts out and that’s when I put the fan on setting 1 yet as soon as I turn the fan off it’s fine again? Any ideas? I’ve been told spark plugs

  • Rui F Ribeiro

    If the car is diesel and not new, it could the DPF.

  • Singh

    Hi Yes I have the same problem , dont know if its normal or a problem

  • Linda

    My 03 Vauxhall Astra 1.6 Enoy automatic has intermittent fault where, at different speeds and no matter whether accelerating or slowing down, the engine will cut out. Very occasionally, there’s a polite cough or splutter ahead of the cut out which is like turning down a volume switch or a dimmer switch. No jerking. No stalling. The engine just fades. Have had crankshaft sensor replaced. No difference. New fuel pump. No difference. RAC and AA when called out both say no problem with car and their tests showing green lights all the way. Local garage said no codes were available to check. Possibly these were wiped off when the fuel pump was replaced. The mechanic drove the car around hoping the problem would develop and show code. Nothing. One thing I noticed the last time it happened was the rev counter flails wildly. Local garage said need to have problem again then bring in and they can check the code. I can’t risk this happening on motorway driving, indeed on most roads. Being partially Deaf, I can’t hear any difference in the engine but don’t think there is. Garage also said nothing wrong with ECT as I asked them to check that. They said diagnostic tests would be wate of time and money without the codes. A different garage said lambda sensor unlikely to be the cause as that is when there’s problems starting the car which I’ve never had. Car can be parked for a few days without use and is out in all weathers but always starts first thing. So, I can risk it and see BUT my question is, if I take it to someone else like another agave or an auto electrician, for a diagnostic test, is that worth doing? And if so, I read it mustn’t be the basic tests but a super dooper machine. So what should I be asking re diagnostic test. This problem aside, it’s a lovely car, ex amotability and with under forty thousand miles on the clock. Many this for any advice.

  • Chrissie

    Our Vauxhall Meriva has a pinging sound in the car constantly. It worked perfectly for 3 years and then all of a sudden this happens as well as grey smoke blowing out of Exhaust and the car losing speed especially going up slight hills. We have paid out a lot of money to have the car sorted by Vauxhall to no avail. I don’t want to get in the car because of the piercing pinging sound. Can anyone help please?

  • Jonathan

    I very recently bought a brand new Astra sri 1.4 turbo, parking in multi storey car parks is a nightmare, as when you leave the car the window on the drivers side comes down on it’s own, you get a warning your phone that the car is being stolen within ten minutes of leaving it, it isn’t and wasn’t, nothing taken on both occasions,has anyone else out their had this problem. Losing all faith in the vehicle, dealer and Vauxhall.

  • David

    Hi, the car has a feature where if you hold down the lock button the windows come up or if you hold the unlock the windows come down, could be a bad key fob?

  • Pat

    My son has the same problem with gearbox. Cost is over £2000 to repair. Vauxhall agreed to pay 25% of the cost. As this is obviously a very common fault why have they not issued a re-call on them?

  • Sherrilee Sandall

    We’ve ordered an Adam. It’s in the showroom but we can’t have it as apparently there has been a problem with locks on the Adams and Corsham. Anyone know about it?

  • Bob Allen

    Conflicting information on Adam recall, daughter ordered new Adam, now its sat at dealer still because of handbrake safety recall, nothing to do with locks!
    Vauxhall are a joke, lack of communication and useless customer care. Not impressed

  • Garry

    I do have some bad luck, as out of the 6 Vauxhall Insignia’s that have been recalled due to a loss on braking performance, mine is one of them.

  • Sarah

    Looks like my 2017 Mokka is part of the current airbag recall – come on Vauxhall what’s going on, what with the other recall due to breaking performance.

  • Caroline

    I’m driving a Vauxhall Astra from 2012 automatic CDTI… However for the 2nd time in a year I get an error warning; Service Vehicle Soon and then it stops giving power.. First time I got the AA in however they didn’t find anything nor did the garage. Now yesterday it happened again and I knew that I just needed to turn the engine off and the re-start.. However it isn’t a comfortable feeling that at any point in time on the road the car will just stop.. What is the solution to fix this.. Thanks, C

  • Zac

    I’m very suspicious about Network Q as I took my Astra 1.6 sri in due to receiving a letter about a recall regarding the cooling fan issue. On returning to collect the car I was told I will need to buy a replacement coolant bottle at the cost of £85 plus additional for labour, which I kindly declined as there was no warning indicators to suggest this. However, the following day the coolant low sign began to appear and the need to top up every few days is now required. How could the bottle suddenly start leaking after they have fixed the recall issue regarding the cooling fan issue. Any opinions or advice as the dealership I purchased from are claiming it’s a wear and tear issue.

  • Karl

    Funnily enough.. mine is doing the exact same !
    Wasn’t advised about a bottle though.
    Going to phone them up and give them hell

  • Manfa

    I’m having issues with my vauxhall meriva B 2010 model, electric power steering, handbrake, and park assist, plus boot won’t open.
    I emailed vauxhall chairman & managing director Rory Harvey, had a reply “on his behalf” from an executive services manager who advised me to get it to a retailers for investigations, I did this thinking they’d be liable but it’s abit back & forth at the moment, they’re saying my vehicle was not one of the affected range in 2008 but I’m reading it’s a fault on ALL merivas.
    It’s had the initial diagnostics £90 and now they’ve said it needs a further 2 hours diagnostics at £240 as it’s not communicating etc
    I’ve also been quoted £7-900 for a new body control module!

  • Chrissie Bennett

    My Vauxhall Meriva 63 model has now (just after 3 years of buying it) smokes out grey smoke from the exhaust and seems to choke and lose power but then seems to correct itself and then can drive normally until the next time until the engine decides to puff out the smoke. This does not happen when I am on low oil and there is no oil leak and the head gasket has just been replaced. Even Vauxhall does not know what the problem is (Vauxhall at Wimbledon). Could anyone help me to identify what the problem could be. I use the synthetic 5W/30. Any help appreciated.

  • Tim Hewlett

    hi i have a vauxhall corsa 61 plate had 3 ignition coils since new only done 67000 miles anyone else had the same problems

  • Lee S

    Got a vauxhall astra 1.7 cdi 61 plate and it’s the worst car I’ve had. Just done 105k in 5 1/2 years and the following issues:
    New steering column (warranty job) @30k
    New shocks (warranty job)@45k
    New engine (warranty job)@88k
    New vacuum pump (warranty job)@89k
    Rear brakes sticking – mechanic cannot fix properly despite 4 attempts
    New rear suspension could @75k
    New flywheel @ 80k

    At 105k the gearbox started making a grinding. Took it to a local none vauxhall garage as the local approved retailer has been poor (see) above. Received a call back telling me they Didn’t want to do the work and I should have it back to Perrys as they Didn’t want to touch it.
    The gearbox has a hole in it. Caused in their opinion by an engine mounting issue. Also there is a significant oil leak on the engine.
    Repair bill around 3k. Add in all of the above and a 5yo car driven sensibly at speed limits by a 42yo man from new has had about8-10ks work done..

  • Jamie Todd

    Anyone else had any problem re hand break? I’ve got a 2015 1.4 limited edition corsa and it’s rolled down a wee hill into back of another car. I know handbreak was on but proving it…..

  • Donna Robinson

    We have a 63 plate vauxhall astra 1.4 with 63,000 miles on it and the gearbox is on its way out. Anybody got any advice?? Please. Donna Robinson

  • Donna Robinson

    Just been told the front bearings on the gearbox that have gone.

  • sal

    I have a 14 plate astra excite gone through 6 drive belts in 4 weeks only has 23k on clock also after the 3rd belt had a new tensioner put in.all work carried by local vauxhall dealers were i purchased car now they are telling me somebody is cutting the belt with a blade.anybody got any advice getting fed up with it now.

  • Fifi

    I have a 17 plate astra sri turbo (1.4) which has intermittent battery drain – anyone else having similar issues?

  • Tarquin Jones

    I have a corsa 1.4 petrol (12 plate) and the coil has just gone for third time – its done under 50k miles. I’ll be asking Vauxhall for contribution to the repair

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