Vauxhall Vivaro engine problem, won’t crank

We have started to hear more stories of people that bought used Vauxhall Vivaro vans, only to find that they are having engine problems. For a small number of them they have found that they are unable to crank over.

Vauxhall Vivaro engine problem, won't crank

These affected owners have gone on to replace the crankshaft sensor, but still nothing. They have also tied to bump start the van, and also put a spanner at the bottom of the pully to turn it either way, but after a point it no longer moves.

Some owners had found that it almost tries to start, but it’s as though the battery is dead – which it is not by the way.

Having looked on the Vauxhall and also the Government recall websites, there has been no such recall for this model of any year, and so we have to wonder if this will now change seeing as though the number of people with this issue is starting to increase?