Volkswagen MOT failure over owner’s recall ignorance

While Volkswagen has yet to share details of just how they plan to rectify the issue with their diesel engine emissions, the UK Government has already said that those owner’s that decide to ignore the recall could face the prospect of their vehicles failing their MOT.

Volkswagen MOT failure over owner's recall ignorance

The bill has yet to pass, although the UK Government is said to be considering the action. We can understand the reasoning behind the thinking, although you have to spare a thought for those owners, as they have the issue of parting with their car for the repair to happen, although their is the prospect that their fuel bill could soon cost them less, and so surely a good reason to respond to the recall.

If owners were to ignore the recall, this would also mean that they are driving around in vehicles that emit unsafe levels of nitrogen dioxide, something that is not good for the health of you and I.

The thought of Volkswagen cars being barred from UK roads because of this is surely a scary prospect, and so owners will want to respond to the VW recall? Got an issue with your VW, then please share your problems HERE.