VW scandal forces UK government inquiry into emissions test

Well, who would have thought that Volkswagen would have started such a huge debate worldwide? Things are not going too well for the German carmaker at the moment, and because of this diesel scandal we have already seen one guy from the top resign, and others are set to follow him, as the board prepares a series of firings.

VW scandal forces UK government inquiry

In terms of what the different countries plan to do following VW cheating the system as it were, the UK government is set to launch its own inquiry into how its tests vehicle emissions.

The BBC News has learned that the Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has been in contact with The Vehicle Certification Agency to ensure that this is not a nationwide issue with other carmakers.

The UK regulator is to run new tests on several cars to see if they fail these emissions tests. There have already been claims that BMW could have tricked these tests, along with Mercedes, and so these new tests will be able to find out if this is true or not.