VW UK cars removed from sale pending EA189 engine modifications

Volkswagen has made the decision to remove 4,000 of its cars in the UK fitted with the EA189 engine pending its modifications. The carmaker has yet to share details on how they plan to fix this issue, which as we know has caused outrage since using software to cheat emissions tests.

VW UK cars removed from sale

The company is to recall 1.1-million vehicles in total in the UK, although these are not just those with the VW badge, but from Audi, Skoda, Seat and some commercial Volkswagen vehicles.

For those of you that ordered a car with one of the affected engines, you have a choice of withdrawing from the sale, with no fear of a penalty. Or, take delivery of the vehicle once the modifications have been made, which we expect to start happening later this month, although we suspect that those current owners will take priority. Are you affected by this recall, is so you can share your anger HERE.